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The CentOS system is the most outstanding Linux version of the open source, often used as a server. Because many Linux beginners are not accustomed to the character interface operation. General will install the graphical interface, but after the installation found that it is English how to set the system to display in Chinese? Nithya This experience to CENTOS6 operation as an example, simple set up the English version of the CentOS switch Chinese

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English version of CentOS switch to Chinese
  1. After landing the CentOS graphical interface, find the location system----Add/remove software , which is Windows-like add-Remove Programs \ Software

  2. Because the Add Delete component requires Administrator privileges, if it is the root user will be prompted that you are currently using the root user is more dangerous whether to continue operation

  3. Verify Administrator identity

    If an ordinary user will display the root authentication window directly, enter the root user password

  4. Install the Chinese Language pack

    After entering the root password, find the feature "chineses support" that needs to be installed in Chinese language, then select a suitable Chinese language pack, then click "Apply" to install the Chinese language

  5. Restart View effect

    After installing the Chinese Language pack, restart the CentOS system. Back to the landing screen, as you can see already displayed in Chinese

  6. Update to Chinese Menu

    After you enter root or another user login, a similar prompt appears. Reminds you whether to display Chinese support for system folders. Click "Update Name"

  7. After entering the CentOS system, you will find that all of the current menu bars have become Chinese in English. How does it feel so much more cordial.

    If the installation of Chinese is not displayed, or garbled words. can refer to the Nithya Chinese display garbled solution:


Linux System English switch Chinese

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