Linux System Management 1-Partition management tool fdisk

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fdisk可以对硬盘进行分区,采用传统的问答式界面。能划分磁盘成为若干个区,同时也能为每个分区指定分区的文件系统,比如linux 、fat32、 linux 、linux swap 、fat16 以及其实类Unix类操作系统的文件系统等。下面为大家介绍分区管理工具fdisk的使用。

1. View partitions:
Fdisk-l [-u] [device ...] list specified device disk partition information

2. Manage Partition steps:
First step: FIDSK/DEV/SDA: Select the disk to be operated on, this is the SDA mobile disk operation

Step Two: Enter [option] to proceed.
#[option] Main parameters:
M: List the commands that can be executed (help)
P: View disk's current partition status
N: Create a new disk partition
L: List the known partition types
D: Delete an existing partition
T: Change the partition type
W; Save and exit the partition operation
Q: Do not save exit
Partitioning process Description
① the hard disk partition table information by the P parameter. Determine future partitions based on information

② through the D parameter delete the existing hard disk partition, if you want to completely change the partition format of the hard disk

③ Adding a new partition with n parameters
1) Select the new partition type. P is the primary partition and E is the extended partition (the E will be here when there is an extended partition present). into l, i.e. logical partition)
2) Set the partition number. Primary partition or extended partition is 1-4, logical partition is 5 start
3) Set the start location of the partition. (General return default is good)
4) Set the end location of the partition. (100 unit is sector, +100m Unit is m,+100k Unit is k)

④ to see if the partition was successful with the P parameter

⑤ exit by parameter W or Q (W for Save and exit, Q to not save exit)

Note: When adding partitions, the type is the default Linux Native, if you need to change some of the partitions to other types, you can change by the command T, when you type "T" to change the partition type, the system will be prompted to change which partition, Change why type (type L to view the type of partition supported by the system and its corresponding partition class model)


Linux System Management 1-Partition management tool fdisk

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