Linux system on Virtual machine mount U disk and copy files "tutorial"

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The operating system in our virtual machine is a CentOS without a graphical interface.

In the absence of a network configuration, it is now necessary to copy the files to the Linux system on the virtual machine, I use the U-disk mount on the way to get the file on the U disk.

1, virtual machine VMware set the properties of the USB

Edit System Information in virtual

USB Three information must be checked in all

2, turn on VMware USB Service

Remember to check whether to turn on the USB service (not aware of the pit for a long time to find out why), My Computer right key-> management-> services and Applications->vmware USB Arbitration Service right button-> open service

3, plug in the U disk, connect usb

Choose VMware's virtual machine-> removable device->usb-"start

Click OK

The following icon to join VMware is lit to represent a successful USB connection

Or use Fdisk-l to view disk conditions

—————————————————————— here, the connection is successful, the following is the USB mount operation

4. Mount

Enter Fdisk-l/DEV/SD Press the TAB key to appear below the screen

Complete the command, you can get my U disk information

Create a directory under the/MNT directory (USB)


mkdir USB

Mount the U disk to the/MNT/USB directory (note that the mount is a U disk partition)----> here does not mount a direct access to the contents of U disk


Go into the/mnt/usb directory to get the contents of u disk

Cd/mnt/usb #进去挂载的路径

LS #查看文件信息

Copying files

The path to the CP filename

5, cancel the Mount

CD/###### back to root directory

Unmount/mnt/usb ###### #取消挂载

Here, the file has been imported into the virtual machine system

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