Linux system-Package Management-RPM installation Supplemental Management

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Linux System-Package Management-RPM installation Supplemental Managementinstallation management of one RPM software package1 Query options:(1)-a query for installed packages(2)-F query file belongs to the package(3)-I display package information(4)-L display the file list of the package(5)-D display a list marked as a document(6)-C display a list of files marked as profilestwo RPM query application list1 The package that the query file belongs to: RPM-QF2 Query Package information: Rpm-qi RPM-QIP3 Installing files for the query package: RPM-QD4 configuration file for Query package: RPM-QC
checksum of three packages1 rpm-v software nameMD5 checksum of 5 filesthe size of the S fileL Link FileD Device Filesu user's fileG user Group for asking pricethe permissions of the M file
Four package file extractionFor example, the system's Inittab file is deleted1 boot F2 into BIOS Setup CD-ROM2 access to Linux Repair mode3 Type the appropriate command into command-line mode42 different ways:unzip all the files to the current directoryRpm2cpio inittabscript-8.45.30-2.el5.centos.i386.rpm | Cpio-idvunzip the file to the current directory Rpm2cpio inittabscript-8.45.30-2.el5.centos.i386.rpm | cpio-idv./etc/inittab
Five my_qq 872785786 and the corresponding network disk data link: Http:// Password: Kaek
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Linux system-Package Management-RPM installation Supplemental Management

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