Linux system part of the software in Chinese display garbled boxes what to do

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Linux under some software will appear in Chinese to display abnormal problems. Software such as NetBeans that relies on JVM virtual machines to run. This is due to the lack of fonts in the JVM's Chinese display. The method is to add the missing fonts to the JVM directory.

1, Query the JRE directory:

Update-alternatives--config Java

As pictured, get the directory/usr/java/jdk1.8.0_45/jre

Here is the Sun Jdk,linux default use of OpenJDK, the method is the same.

2, get the font GBSN00LP.TTF:

Some of the system defaults to provide this font, you can query/usr/share/fonts search,

Do not provide a direct Internet search to download.

Here for convenience, directly provide font links:


3. Transplanting fonts:

Create a folder fallback under the JRE directory/lib/fonts and place Gbsn00lp.ttf in it.

Get permission and so on methods here will not repeat.

4, the effect chart:

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