Linux System Troubleshooting

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# #root用户密码的修改

Press the up and down key to interrupt the boot, press "E" to enter the kernel boot

The linux16 line is deleted to the location shown on the way and modified;

Press "Ctrl+x" to start when you have finished modifying

Enter the system to switch to the real environment, start to modify the root password, and create/. autorelable file;

After completion, enter two exit exit to restart;

# #img文件的损坏

If the IMG file fails to boot properly after corruption, the IMG file must be re-established;

Boot the system through the optical drive and enter the shell interface;

Perform the operation, then enter 2 this exit, and transfer the system to the disc drive, reboot the system;

# #内核引导软件损坏

The system is transferred to the optical drive to boot and into the Shell interface;

Do the following;

# #文件引导的损坏

The boot file is located in/boot/grub2/grub.cfg;

If inadvertently deleted, can be created by command;

Grub2-mkconfig >/boot/grub2/grub.cfg

Manual boot when no this file is required, operation

Linux System Troubleshooting

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