Linux Tar Compressed archive Management Command Learning

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Tar is the main file compression and decompression, is a more commonly used command.

Command format:

tar [-cxtzjvfppn] pathname [pathname ...]


-C: Create an archive

-X: Unlocking an Archive

-T: View an archived content

-Z: Archive compression or decompression with gzip

-j: Compress or decompress archive with bzip2

-V: Show detailed process

-F: Use file name, followed by file name directly

-r: Append file to end of file

--delete: Deleting files from files

-P: Do not change the original properties of the file

-N: Archive only updated files, followed by date (YYYY/MM/DD)

--exclude file: Do not package the following files


1, packaging/home but not compression


2, to gzip compression and packaging


3. Compress and pack with BZIP2


4, view the tar file content


5, view the content of gzip files,


6, view bzip2 file contents


7, back up the/home directory and save permission settings


8, Backup/home in the directory than the 2009/05/28 new files

Tar-n "2009/05/28"-zcvf/filepath/filename.tar.gz/home

9, Backup/home directory, but do not back up the/home/slyar directory


10, back up the/home directory for home.tar.gz, only extract/home/ files

TAR-ZXVF home.tar.gz home/

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