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why to learn Linux.

Why study Linux, everyone has their own reasons: Linux is free without spending a penny, can save a lot of costs; Linux is open source, you can modify the source code according to your own needs; Linux is open, with a wide range of communities, The discussion about Linux is much higher than the Windows operating system; Learning Linux can better master computer technology; Linux is the future trend of development, servers, mobile phones, handheld computers, many of the tablets are Linux operating system; Linux has a lot of releases, You can make different choices depending on your needs; Linux gives you a choice, and Linux is a little less than Windows. Linux is a philosophy of freedom, an open source belief; Finally Linux is fun and fascinating ... what Linux can do. more than 90% of the world's fastest supercomputers use Linux or similar operating systems to show that Linux is fast, and that a lite Linux (like LFS) is especially good for old machines; If you've ever heard of Android, You will know that Linux will be widely used in tablets and mobile phones; if you experience Chorme Os,google doc, or WEBQQ, you will find the way to operate a bit like Linux, and a lot of software is usually the-unix version, and then the window version; Linux has a lot of software that is cross-platform, whereas Windows is not; The advantage of Linux on the web will be fully burst in the webOS, cloud era ... how to choose Linux.

Linux has thousands of choices to choose from, based on your machine hardware configuration, stability requirements, work and learning needs, computers and the level of use of Linux, or a trendy personal hobby, and so on.

The first according to their own hardware, your hardware is 32 you can not install 64, you are the old machine, do not reluctantly experience the latest version of KDE, or be tortured, not only to be more than heart and strength enough to do.

Second look at your application platform is what to do, do the server of course to choose a stable server version of the PC selection software and hardware technology to support the newer and latest stable version, test development can choose the most cutting-edge unstable version, the old machine selection of the most original LFS or older version;

The third is how to choose the desktop environment, this is like wearing clothes, hardware is your economic ability, hardware can wear new clothes and luxurious clothes, such as kde,gnome,unity, hardware is not good can only wear xfce,lxde, and then wear blackbox boxes DC, As well as 2000 lines of code around the Operation bar. Of course, dress, after all, there is a person's preference, anyway, under the same conditions, the more simple to wear, the faster the run. In short, all Linux distributions, the kernel is the same, just the new and old differences, the so-called different is only for different hardware configuration and optimization; for different people like to wear different clothes (desktop environment + software), for different professionals to provide a variety of software packages (education class Eubuntu, GIS Poseiden,cad Caelinux, etc.; develop software that configures different software management and update libraries; Finally, the design philosophy and philosophy of the respective versions are not the same. Radish eggplant to take the love, you can go to distrowatch this site to compare the selection of their favorite Linux. Personally inclined to the GNOME desktop environment, limited to the current technology and contrast, I choose to install Ubuntu in the notebook, at least Ubuntu is really faster than openSUSE, and the most users, software, community and resources are relatively rich, conducive to beginners. In addition to the desktop option to install the mint-xfce-debian-201104 version of this Debian testing, she combines mint simplicity with enhancements, Debian's pure freedom and my favorite rolling update mode. Talking about so much is actually Linux's fur, the advantage of Linux is not how many versions, of course, the right to choose is also a very important advantage, the individual instead feel that its biggest advantage is that you from these differences in mining the same: such as the same system core; operations can be done almost by terminal Different versions of the same software, these are common, but also really want to learn. So learning the process of Linux, the next step is the key, that is, learn professional-related software, skilled application, master an "artifact" level editor, such as VIM, continuously improve programming technology, enjoy the concept of free software and spread ... Linux Technology Learning Route

If you want to learn Linux, the following learning roadmap can be used as a reference:

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