linux:-tips for copying or transferring files

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<---Copy directory how do I exclude files? Common command CP, usage low--->

TAR-CF-./*--exclude= "nohup.out" | (cd/opt/&& tar-xf-) rsync--exclude= "Nohup.out"

<---CP multiple copies can be replaced with a command-line keyword, exclamation point! Represents the previous command, 2 represents the upper command--->

\CP-RFP Loggerserver/data/server/loggerserver_acc!:gs/loggerserver/nameserver/!-2:gs/loggerserver/sessionserver /

<---Tar with NC can do two machine data transmission, NC If you need to continue to connect with the option-K--->

TAR-CF-./*--exclude= "nohup.out" | Nc-l 13100NC 13100 | TAR-XF-

<---Another way to send data by port, a machine runs the above command, B machine runs the following command--->

Python-m Simplehttpserver 13100wget-c http://${ip}/file.tar.gz

@@ 扩展 Usage: a script written by the central machine does not want to be pushed out of execution can borrow the above port

Bash < (curl-s

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linux:-tips for copying or transferring files

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