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When installing Ubuntu, if the selected system language is Chinese, after the installation is complete, the Ubuntu system's main folder under the file directory is Chinese, so only pure terminal, the input is really inconvenient. Of course, if you install Ubuntu, the choice is English, then there is no problem. This blog post presents a simple solution to this problem.

Implementation principle

In fact, this is a good understanding, when you choose to install Chinese, Ubuntu will be the default language of the system is set to Chinese, which led to the main folder of the default directory is also translated. This time, only need to change the system support language, when the system language changes, Ubuntu will prompt whether to change the directory name, you only need to update the new name.

Implementation method One:

For Ubuntu, a graphical version of Linux, you can use visual software directly to change the system's default language. Click: System settings → language support. Then drag the English to the top of the list, click < apply to the entire system, then you will be prompted to replace the folder name, click Replace. After the final substitution is complete, replace the Chinese back, this time let it keep the original folder name. Such as:

Implementation method Two:

For Ubuntu, in addition to the graphical operation, it can also be operated directly at the terminal. The statements are as follows:

1 $ export Lang=en_us    #改变支持的语言为英语 2$ xdg-user-dirs-gtk-update   #更新系统语言 to translate in English  3 $ export LANG=ZH_CN. UTF-8    #重新支持中文

If you are prompted to replace the system folder name in the execution, click < update name >. The effect is as follows:

The results are as follows:

Here are two methods, in fact, the principle is the same, all in order to update the Chinese folder in English display, so it is convenient to operate in the terminal.

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