Linux under XAMPP Integration Pack Installation configuration method

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1. Check the number of bits in your Linux system, 32-bit or 64-bit. Use the uname-a command to view.

Shows a

X86_64 indicates that you are a 64-bit kernel, running a 64-bit system.

i386, i686 you're a 32-bit kernel, running a 32-bit system.

2, first download the XAMPP installation package. Open URL: or 20LINUX/1.8.3/, select the version you need and download it according to the number of Linux system bits

3, the use of linux wget command download, before downloading into the OPT folder, or we do not know where we downloaded the file.

Cd/opt wget Address

If you are prompted for a certificate error

Use the following command to wget the--no-check-certificate address

4, then we first give 755 permissions, in case because of insufficient permissions, unable to install

Chmod-r 755
5. Then we run this installation file

6, the installation of the process is not much to say, do not set anything, nothing more than to ask you to determine some options, appear to ask questions, directly press ENTER down can be. XAMPP is installed by default under/OPT/LAMPP

7, after the installation is complete, and does not run, we need to manually start the XAMPP service, that is, start apache,ftp and MySQL these servers. Using commands

/opt/lampp/lampp start

At this point, the LAMPP component starts successfully, but it does not start with the system every time
Enter the following command

This way, it starts with the system!

8, the environment installed, but MySQL password is how much, FTP account password is also how much? We don't know, this default is empty and we need to set it ourselves. "To write on the text first in the copy security point, or the password is set to what you do not remember" input command


: He will ask you in turn

1, first enter the XAMPP Control Panel password (user name is XAMPP);

2. Enter the phpMyAdmin password (user name is PMA)

3. Enter the MySQL password (username is root)

4. Enter the FTP password (username is daemon, default port 21)

9, in the browser input server IP access to see the success of it?

Remote access is not allowed because the server is set to XAMPP, so the Conf file needs to be modified


Change Require Local to Require all granted

/opt/lampp/lampp Restart Restart XAMPP

To this XAMPP installation is complete

Linux under Xampp How to boot automatically
Under CentOS:
1. First check the default boot file under that file:
2. If the result is: RC3.D is as follows (3 is changed to 5 if rc5.d),
3. Execution of commands
Ln-s/opt/lampp/lampp S99lampp
Ln-s/opt/lampp/lampp K01lampp

Linux under XAMPP Integration Pack Installation configuration method

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