Linux under Installation performance test load machine LG

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System: CentOS Release 6.6 (Final) x86_64

Installation package:

1. Lrlg_00031.iso "Load Generator Standalone (Linux 64-bit) Service Pack 11.52": HP official website group/softwaresupport/search-result/-/facetsearch/document/lid/lrlg_00031 2, PAN.BAIDU.COM/S/1KT5JPMB installation steps: 1, Shut down Firewall service iptables stop chkconfig iptables stop 2, Mount: Lrlg_00031.iso file mount: M Ount-t Iso9660-o Loop Lrlg_00031.iso/mnt/lg/ Direct decompression: Unzip 3, install Dependency pack: Yum Install GL ibc.686 libstdc++.i686 ncurses-libs.i686 4, start LG installation script: 1) lrlg_00031.iso cd/mnt/lg/instdata/linux/vm/./installer . SH Select default installation directory:/opt/hp/hp_loadgenerator Select Create Connection:/usr/local/bin/hp/hp_loadgenerator 2) chmod 777- R Linux
CD Linux
SH installation process will pop up 4 dialog boxes, generally enter n,a,i,f, to this installation basic completion 5, create the load side of the customer higkoo:useradd-g 0-s/bin/csh higkoo This user default use    The shell is not csh; under CentOS, the default shell should be bash, but the csh used by LR (which appears to support bash in the latest ISO version), was not installed on my machine csh and needed to be installed: Yum install CSH 6, configure LR defaults to the configuration file for an environment variable, and the file is/opt/hp/hp_loadgenerator/env.csh. Now we need to add it to the default configuration of CSH.
Add at the end of the file:
SOURCE/OPT/HP/HP_LOADGENERATOR/ENV.CSH vi/opt/hp/hp_loadgenerator/env.csh
Add at the end:
setenv DISPLAY 0.0 7, host configuration vi/etc/hosts
Added at the end: localhost localhost.localdomain localhost4 localhost4.localdomain lrlg (host name)

8. Add Environment variables
Cat/opt/hp/hp_loadgenerator/env.csh >/etc/.login
Touch ~root/.rhosts ~higkoo/.rhosts

9, verify the installation su Higkoo cd/opt/hp/hp_loadgenerator/bin./verify_generator 10, start the LR load end to higkoo the user
./m_daemon_setup Start
PS aux |grep M_agent_daemon netstat-an | grep 54345 11, connect: Add LG on Windows Contraller:
Name: Load-side server IP address
Platform:unix UNIX Environment: Check "Don't use RS" Click Connect, connect complete! Important matters: LG and Controller need to be on the same LAN again, otherwise the script will be run with an error: Invalid load generator name; Load generator does not exist

Linux under Installation performance test load machine LG

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