Linux under the administrator to forcibly kick out the user's command to use the method

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Linux force kick Out User command:

First, enter the W command to view the logged in user information

[Root@kw_s01_192.168.1.106_a ~]# W

19:22:31 up 2:11, 3 users, Load average:0.00, 0.00, 0.00

USER TTY from login@ IDLE jcpu pcpu WHAT

Root pts/0 18:41 0.00s 0.16s 0.01s W

Root pts/1 19:22 4.00s 0.14s 0.05s ssh localhost

Root PTS/2 localhost.locald 19:22 4.00s 0.07s 0.07s-bash

Second, use the command pkill-kill-t user TTY

[Root@kw_s01_192.168.1.106_a ~]# pkill-kill-t PTS/2

 Third, verify the operation is successful

[Root@kw_s01_192.168.1.106_a ~]# W

19:24:25 up 2:12, 2 users, Load average:0.00, 0.00, 0.00

USER TTY from login@ IDLE jcpu pcpu WHAT

Root pts/0 18:41 0.00s 0.18s 0.02s W

Root pts/1 19:22 1:58 0.09s 0.09s-bash

Login User Information Description:

User: Displays the username of the login account. Users repeat the login, the account will also appear repeatedly.

TTY: The terminal used by the user to log in.

From: Shows where users are logged on to the system.

login@: The meaning of login at, indicating the time when the login was entered into the system.

IDLE: User idle time, from the last task after the user, when the meeting.

JCPU: A terminal code to differentiate, indicating that in the touch of time, all related to the terminal process tasks of CPU time.

PCPU: Refers to the CPU time that is consumed by the task execution of the what domain.

WHAT: Represents the currently executing task.

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