Linux Usage tips 11--ubuntu offline installation Openssh-server

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Xu Sanxiang says the offline installation of Ubuntu is like crap.
My recent experience has made me very sympathetic to such a rude remark.
That crap. Offline installation.

In the days of networking, installing openssh-server only needs to be performed:

sudo apt-getopen-server

, the tool will automatically solve the dependency problem. Dependencies that are not installed are automatically installed.

Windows day, one installation package, Next, next, done.

But how to install openssh-server offline Ubuntu?

First attempt to download the Deb installation package on the official website
This site is all officially supported packages, search Openssh-server, come

There are a lot of dependencies inside. I ignore it first, then click Download AMD64 version.

sudo dpkg -i xxx

Then the installation was unsuccessful, I was a download dependent, but soon there was a cyclic dependency.
The program is not installed, my system is also obsolete.

Second attempt to "make an offline install package"

Netizen Mochuan's practice still is the value of reference. Website:
The machine that can't go online is Ubuntu15.04, I installed the same system in the networked virtual machine, and then made the offline installation package.
First, download the Deb installation package

$ sudo apt-get - DInstall OpenSSH-serverReading Package Lists...Donebuilding Dependency Tree Reading state information...Donethe following extra packages'll be INSTALLED:LIBCK-connector0Ncurses-termOpenSSH-clientOpenSSH-sftp-serverSsh-import-idSuggested Packages:libpam-sshKeychain Monkeysphere Rssh Molly-guardThe followingNEWPackages'll be Installed:libck-connector0Ncurses-termOpenSSH-serverOpenSSH-sftp-serverSsh-import-idThe following packages'll be Upgraded:openssh-client1Upgraded,5Newly installed,0  toRemove and 328  notUpgraded.

Second, the new OpenSSH folder, the above download of the Deb package (along with the Archives folder) copy into.

mkdir opensshcp /var/cache777-R openssh

Iii. Generating dependency relationships

$ /dev/null |gzip >/openssh/Packages.gz

Note Do not modify the packages.gz name, and then copy it to Openssh/archives.

$ mv openssh/Packages.gz openssh/archives/

Iv. installation on off-line machines
1. Copy the OpenSSH folder to the root directory of the offline machine with a USB drive.
2, modify the system source Source.list (note before you want to back up)

sudo vim /etc/apt/sources.list

Delete the contents and add:

deb file:///openssh archives/

3. Update the system source and install

$ sudo apt-get update$ sudo apt-get install openssh-server

This installs in a virtual machine no problem, but in the offline machine error can not find the corresponding Deb file.
Try to solve the fruitless, the final or directly with Dpkg-i to install, will need a few dependent packages first installed, and then Ann Openssh-server.
Yes, sure enough.

Linux Usage tips 11--ubuntu offline installation Openssh-server

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