Linux USB drive Mounting experience

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Reference: Environment Description: 1) system installed in the virtual machine, there is no way to surf the Internet 2) the system does not install virtual tools USB stick on the Linux system 1) insert a USB stick into the U disk slot 2) A USB flash drive is detected, connected to the virtual machine 3) using the command: # FDISK-L content is as follows: DISK/DEV/SDA:21.5GB ... DISK/DEV/SDB:7862MB Device Boot Start End Blocks Id system/dev/sdb4 * W95 FAT32 (True colours)-^_^-Find a USB flash drive 4) Create mount point #mkdir/mnt/u 5) Mount U disk mount/dev/sdb4/mnt/u details as follows: mount[instruction]/dev/sdb4[u disk directory]/mnt/u[mount point] You can specify the file system type FAT32 class that the USB drive mounts Type U disk: Mount-t vfat/dev/sdb4/mnt/u 6), exit/mnt/u mount point CD/(back to root) Prevent error:/mnt/u # The device is busy (now at Mount point) 7) Uninstall USB flash drive Umoun t/mnt/u Myth 1: Exactly where the USB stick is mounted 1) use the command # df-h Df-l Originally these two instructions get things are the same, where is the U disk??? FileSystem Size used Avail uesd% mount on Description: All two instructions are in the file system that is currently being mounted, there is no USB flash drive.

Linux USB drive Mounting experience

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