Linux -- use SecureCRT to upload and download files, and linux -- securecrt

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Linux -- use SecureCRT to upload and download files, and linux -- securecrt

The file transfer protocols in SecureCRT include ASCII, Xmodem, Ymodem, and Zmodem.

ASCII: This is the fastest transmission protocol, but it can only transmit text files.
Xmodem: this old transmission protocol is slow, but the CRC error detection method can achieve a Transmission Accuracy of up to 99.6%.
Ymodem: This is an improved version of Xmodem. It uses a 1024-bit segment for transmission, which is faster than Xmodem.
Zmodem: Zmodem uses streaming Transmission Mode to achieve fast transmission speed. It also provides functions such as automatic change of segment size, resumable data transfer, and fast error detection. This is currently the most popular file transfer protocol.

1. Install lrzsz on the server before using SecureCRT for upload and download:
Yum-y install lrzsz ")

Ii. How to Use command sz and rz:

In rz, "r" indicates received ed (received). When "rz" is input, it indicates that the server receives the file, and the file is uploaded locally to the server.
In sz, "s" indicates "send". When "sz" is input, it indicates that the server wants to send the file, that is, to send the file from the server to the local device, or to download the file locally from the server.
Note: Both send and received actions are initiated on the server.

Rz usage:

Note: During the upload process, if a file with the same name exists in the uploaded linux directory, the file cannot be uploaded. delete the file with the same name in linux first.

1. Enter rz and press Enter. The file selection dialog box appears. Select the file to be uploaded. Multiple files can be specified at a time. The path uploaded to the server is the directory where the rz command is currently executed.

2. Click "open", as shown below:

3. Click "close", as shown below:
Before running the rz command, there were no files in the zhengyihan directory. After executing the rz command to upload two files, the zhengyihan Directory had the corresponding files, indicating that rz was successfully executed.


Sz usage:
Download an object: sz filename
Download multiple files: sz filename1 filename2
Download all files in the dir directory, excluding the folder: sz dir /*

1. Enter sz filename1 filename2 filename3 and press enter, as shown below

2. Select the storage path and click "OK". The page is shown as follows:

3. Click "Open folder" to view the two files downloaded to the local device:

3. Set the default directory for uploading and downloading files

The default location for file upload and download is set in securtCRT:
The English version of options-session options-X/Y/Zmodem.
Chinese option-session option-X/Y/Zmodem.


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