LINUX user ' nobody '

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1 Windows system will automatically establish some user accounts after installation, in the Linux system there are also some user accounts are
The system is installed, just like a built-in account on a Windows system.

2 "They are used to accomplish specific tasks, such as nobody and FTP, when we visit's web program,
The server of the official website is to let the customer log in as ' nobody ' (equivalent to the anonymous account in the Windows system);
When we access FTP anonymously, user ftp or nobody is used.

3 "First, nobody is an ordinary user, non-privileged user. The ' purpose ' of using the nobody username is to enable anyone to
To log on to the system, but its UID and GID do not provide any privileges, that is, the UID and GID can only access files that can be read and written by everyone.

4 second, in many systems, it is customary to create a nobody by default, trying to ' limit its permissions to a minimum ' when the server
When you are out of service, you may have the client log on as nobody.

5 "Nobody is a normal account, because the default login shell is '/sbin/nologin ', so this user is unable to directly
Access to the system, that is, hackers are difficult to connect to your server through the vulnerability to do damage.
In addition, this user's permissions are also configured very low. Therefore, there is a high level of security. Everything is given only the least privilege.
This is the meaning of the existence of nobody.

LINUX user ' nobody '

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