Linux User management and sudo introduction

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User introduction in 1.Linux

The user is the identity of the system consumer
The user is stored in the system as a number of channeling characters + several system configuration files
User information involves the system configuration file:
/ETC/PASSWD User Information

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User: Password: uid:gid: Description: Home directory: User-used Shell

0 1-999 1000-60000

User information changes
Usermod parameter User

Change the name
Add Group
Modify comments
Modify Home Directory
Modify <span style= "" Font-family: ">shell

650) this.width=650; "title=" \ "screenshot" src= "%5c" alt= "wkiom1lufwlywy-taaduyr77ebi905.png-wh_50"/> Usermod-l U
Passwd-l freezing degree, add two! -U level High

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3. User decentralization

In the system, Superuser can delegate actions that ordinary users cannot perform to ordinary users.
Delegated Authority Profile:/etc/sudoers

Ways of decentralizing power
Super User execution Visudo enter edit/etc/sudoers mode

Get Permissions User Host name = (acquired user identity) command
Test localhost= (Root)/usr/sbin/useradd
Test user can execute/usr/sbin/useradd as superuser in localhost

Execute delegation of authority command
sudo command to enter the current user password if sudo is executed for the first time
In/etc/sudoers if the settings are as follows:
Test localhost= (Root) nopasswd:/usr/sbin/useradd
Indicates that the user does not need their own password when invoking the sudo command

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Introduction to User management and sudo for Linux

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