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In mid-February 2013, Jinshan Software released a Linux version of WPS, from the official screenshot and the author of the actual installation experience, the Linux version of WPS in the use of the custom and function and the Windows version of WPS is not too much difference, if not pay attention to observation, it will be difficult to distinguish between the two. The Linux version WPS will pave the way for Linux to spread in China.

  To be popular need to do well application: Linux foreground analysis

We know that Linux is more used in China in terms of production, and in the ordinary civil market share of almost zero, in addition to some system fever and scientific research workers, ordinary users are almost no access to Linux, the cause of this situation is manifold, the most important thing is, Linux as open source software, compared with Windows and Mac Os,linux is equivalent to a wild child, no one, leading to domestic computer manufacturers in the production of computers will not be pre-installed Linux, but Windows, so that users of Windows acceptance more and more high, It is a vicious cycle to make developers pay more attention to the development of Windows applications, while Linux applications are woefully poor.

In the face of the special Chinese market environment, Linux to be popular in China needs more suitable for Linux platform to run applications. For now, there are several software companies in the country dedicated to the development of Linux software, Linux platform already has some to meet the day-to-day Office applications, but in more areas is still blank, such as a cool dog in the online music player. And regardless of whether the user will be accustomed to the operation of Linux, the single application of Linux under the type and number of applications, can not meet more people's needs.

We're looking at the meaning of the Linux version wps release. We know that WPS is a high imitation of Microsoft Office Office suite, when Microsoft Office in the implementation of the charging authorization policy, WPS relies on almost office with the same function and free policy and rapid rise, coupled with some effective means of promotion, Let WPS occupy a considerable market share in the country, users of WPS acceptance more and more high. Linux only some of the Foreign Office set, in the use of habits and functions will not be more powerful than WPS, at least users will not be too accustomed to use these foreign products.

The Linux version of WPS after the release, means that users can use more familiar with the Linux office suite more convenient, which also makes the office functions under Linux Further, and WPS this move will even attract other software manufacturers to publish more suitable for Linux operation software, This will allow the application of Linux to further improve.

  The impact of Linux speculation: or will restrict Microsoft

We know that the early three systems of piracy after the attack by Microsoft, in addition to the tomato garden, the depth and rain forest wind has turned to Linux research and development work, the two companies now have a mature Linux products, compared to foreign Linux systems, The Linux system developed and modified by the Chinese people will be more suitable for people to use. Then look at the rain forest wind release of the Start OS system, in the user interface and usage is similar to Windows, which allows the first-time users to avoid the embarrassment of the north.

In addition to Kingsoft release of the Linux version wps, there are PPS and Tencent and other companies released the Linux version of the products, these products and Windows platform products are almost identical. While the popularity of Linux in China is still in its infancy, more and more Internet companies are starting to focus on Linux platforms, including companies engaged in Linux development and companies engaged in Linux software development, and we can imagine the future of Linux. Wind and depth of rain trees and other companies engaged in Linux research and development will be more like Windows more suitable for people to use the Linux system, and the Jinshan, PPS and Tencent and other Internet companies will launch the Linux version of the product, which will make Linux more and more like windows, Whether it's a custom or an application, the barrier to Linux is not there, as long as users who can skillfully use Windows can harness Linux.

It can be imagined that if Linux finally reached the above state, coupled with the inherent security and stability of Linux, it will attract more users, then, if the PC manufacturers will be pre-installed in the PC for sale, then will not need too much concern, And the popularity of Linux in China will enter a new height, perhaps to a certain extent, to restrict the Microsoft market, and Linux will no longer be used more in the production environment.

  Written in the last

Linux itself is a powerful operating system, its performance and stability can even exceed windows, this is a very good product, but in the Chinese market has not been more attention and lead to a poor market share. We know that an operating system to be popular need to get developers, users and hardware manufacturers pay attention to three aspects, Jinshan release of the Linux version of WPS will make a major contribution to Linux.

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