Linux view and set host name

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1. Set host name     modify the hostname by editing the hostname field in the/etc/sysconfig/network file. :     [[email protected]/]# vim/etc/sysconfig/network      as shown below                                    networking=yes                                                                        networking_ipv6=yes                                                                  Hostname=zijuan                                                                       Hostname=zijuan indicates that the host is set to zijuan.      Note: After you modify the hostname, it takes effect after you restart the system.      2, view host name      [[email protected]/]# hostname                                                            zijuan                                                                                tip: Two simple commands temporarily set a hostname.      (1) Use the SYSCTL command to modify kernel parameters, format: SYSCTL kernel.hostname= hostname, as follows.      [[email protected]/]# sysctl kernel.hostname=newname                                     KERNEL.HOSTNAME=NEWNAME   &NBsp;        #newname为新设置的主机名   (2) Use the hostname command to set the host name. The format is: hostname host name, as follows.      [[email protected]/]# hostname newname     This setting is temporarily in effect. Setup fails after restarting the system.    

Use of the hostname command:

Hostname-s,--short Short host name-a,--alias alias Names-i,--ip-address Addresses for the host name-f,--fqdn,--long long host name (FQDN)-D,--domain DNS domain n Ame-y,--YP,--nis nis/yp domain name-f,--file read host name or NIS domain name from GI Ven file

Linux view and set host name

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