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Use the Vmstat command to view system resource conditions

How do I see CPU, Memory usage, network traffic, and disk I/O in command line mode?

Q: How can I view CPU, memory usage, network traffic and disk I/O in command line mode?

A: In the command line mode,

1. Commands to view CPU usage

Refreshes every 5 seconds with data on the right-most CPU occupancy

$ vmstat 5

Top then press Shift+p to sort by process processor occupancy

$ top

2. Commands to view memory usage

View memory usage with the free command

$ free

Top and then press Shift+m to sort by process memory usage

$ top

3. View network traffic

You can use tools Iptraf tools

$ iptraf-g

Network traffic for a interface can be obtained by comparing the RX and TX data of two time network interfaces

$ date; Ifconfig eth1

$ date; Ifconfig eth1

4. View disk I/O

Use Iostat to see disk I/O for disk/DEV/SDC3, refreshed every two seconds

$ iostat-d-X/DEV/SDC3 2

View the IO section information with Vmstat

Linux view CPU, memory, hard disk

1 Viewing CPUs

1.1 Viewing the number of CPUs

# Cat/proc/cpuinfo | grep "Physical ID" | Uniq | Wc-l

Uniq command: Delete duplicate rows; wc–l command: Count rows * *

1.2 Viewing CPU Cores

# Cat/proc/cpuinfo | grep "CPU Cores" | Uniq

CPU Cores:4

1.3 View CPU Models

# Cat/proc/cpuinfo | grep ' model name ' |uniq

Model Name:intel (R) Xeon (r) CPU E5630 @ 2.53GHz

Summary: The server has 2 4-core CPUs, Model Intel (R) Xeon (r) CPU E5630 @ 2.53GHz

2 Viewing memory

2.1 View Total Memory

#cat/proc/meminfo | grep memtotal

memtotal:32941268 KB//Memory 32G

3 Viewing the hard drive

3.1 Viewing hard disk size

# Fdisk-l | grep Disk

disk/dev/cciss/c0d0:146.7 GB, 146778685440 bytes

Summary: Hard disk size 146.7G, that is, the factory trademark 160G

Linux View CPU memory network traffic disk IO

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