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Prerequisite: First you must know that the port is not independent, it is dependent on the process. When a process is turned on, its corresponding port is turned on and the process is closed, and the port is closed. The next time a process opens again, the corresponding port is opened again. Instead of simply understanding that you are shutting down a port, you can disable a port.

1. You can see which ports are open by "~$ NETSTAT-ANP".

(Note: The parameter '-n ' will turn the application to the port display, that is, the number format of the address, such as: nfs->2049, ftp->21, so you can open two terminals, each corresponding to the program corresponding to the port number)

2. The program that applies the port can then be viewed through the "~$ Lsof-i: $PORT" ($PORT refers to the corresponding port number). Or you can view the file/etc/services, from which you can find the service corresponding to the port.

(Note: Some ports can not be found through the Netstat, more reliable method is "~$ sudo nmap-st-o localhost")

3. To close a port, you can:

1 through the Iptables tool to prohibit the port, such as:

"~$ sudo iptables-a input-p tcp--dport $PORT-j DROP"

"~$ sudo iptables-a output-p tcp--dport $PORT-j DROP"

2) or turn off the corresponding application, the port will naturally shut down, such as:

"~$ kill-9 pid" (PID: Process number)

such as: Through "~$ NETSTAT-ANP | grep ssh "

Show: TCP 0* LISTEN 7546/ssh

Then: "~$ kill-9 7546"

(You can view the open state of the system service through "~$ Chkconfig")

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