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1. Introduction of VIFM and Ranger

VIFM and Ranger are all graphic file management operations, some of which are "My Computer" above windows.

2. Installation of VIFM and Ranger

Enter the following command at the terminal

sudo apt-get install VIFM

sudo apt-ger install Ranger

3, the general use of VIFM

After the installation is successful, we enter the VIFM command at the console and then display the following interface

We can use the left and right keys to implement the last directory and the next directory, and then need to open the file, and then press the key again will open the file, as follows

Exit with: X to exit this file, back to the previous directory, and then to exit VIFM, we can also use: x exit.

4, the general use of Ranger

After the installation number Ranger, enter the Ranger command at the console, as shown below

We can see that the top is the directory, and then we see the right side is to display the contents of the file, we can still use the left and right keys to implement the last directory and the next directory, such as the right side of the display is not complete, we still open, the following figure

We can browse, can edit, we can also use ctrl+x exit, of course, there are many shortcuts, you need to explore.

We can press Q to exit Ranger.

4, Summary

For example, browse the file, if not command, we can use the graphical interface VIFM and Ranger to operate

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