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There are many ways to install a PHP probe, but the installation method is sometimes somewhat problematic, and here I will give you a comparison of the time-saving memory installation method. The content is not much, but it is time-saving.

Description: A lot of people estimate will only install military elder brother's Lnmp a key package, this is very troublesome, after all, after all installs LNMP to be very long time, also has many people to write the Fool type tutorial more or less also will appear the point question, also did not have any good method, on oneself wants to write a few minutes can install the good tutorial, See Foreigners write Lowendscript lnmp script installed nginx and PHP environment is very fast, but also save memory, the use of the next, here is the method, generally installed 2 minutes, or quite fast.

Note: This method is only available for Ubuntu and Debian systems.

1. System Update and upgrade

APT-GET-Y Update && apt-get-y upgrade

2, install Nginx and PHP environment
Login VPS Run the following command:

wget--no-check-certificate && chmod + x &&./ dotdeb &&/ nginx &&./ Php

3, create the site directory and download Ya black probe
If the system is not installed unzip use the command: Apt-get install unzip installation, the following will be used.

Change the YOUR_IP in the following command to your server IP and execute the command:

./ site Your_ip && cd/var/www/your_ip/public && wget && Unzip

You can also change the your_ip to one of your domain names, but the domain name must be resolved to the server IP.
Last probe access address: http://your_ip/tz.php

Tip: If you do not like ya black probe, you can create a site directory, using WINSCP and other FTP tools to upload other probe files to the/var/www/your_ip/public directory!

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