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Independent IP number, is different IP address of the computer to access the site when the total number of times, independent IP number is a measure of the site traffic is an important indicator, generally within a day the same IP address of the Client Access page is only calculated as one time, the time to record the independent IP for one day or one months, the current standard for the "Day"

How many independent IPs are in a day Visit website

Particularly large companies that have multiple exits

Direct dial-up access via ADSL, etc.

Traffic is money, access is money

PV (Traffic page View)

Send a Web request from the customer browser to the browser, is a request, in order to prevent users to quickly brush PV, many sites put PV statistics program at the bottom of the page, embedded JS

PV is an indicator of the number of pages visited on a website, but it is not directly known how many people have visited the site.

UV (Unique Visitor)

The same Client access site is calculated as a guest, the same client access to a webpage within one day is counted only once, and is based on technology such as client-side cookies as a statistical basis

The measurement of IP,PV,UV on enterprise network website

Measures for IP:

Analyze access log information for all Web servers for IP segment de-weight

At the end of each page of the site, embed JS and other statistical program code

Using third-party statistical tools, such as Google Stats (GA)

Measurements on PV:

Web server access log, need to exclude JS and CSS and a variety of pictures

What is concurrency?

The maximum number of connections that the server can process at the same time per unit (some requests end in 1 seconds, and some requests may end in 10 seconds)

and HTTP-related business cases:

  Real Time The number of connections for all IP connections in the analysis network connection, Count

# Statistics of connections

  Analyze HTTP service, number of log IP visits, count

LINUX_ Website Measurement Unit

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