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Content Description


Short instructions, data description


Brief introduction to the syntax of the instruction release


A more complete description, this part is best to take a closer look


For the Synopsis section, there is an enumeration of all available option descriptions


When this program / software is executed, the instructions can be released in this software / program .


This program or data is used or referenced or connected to certain files


You can refer to other words related to this instruction or data.


Some examples that can be consulted ... .... ..................

When reviewing data:

(        1) First view the name of the project, a general look at the meaning of this information

(2) in a detailed look at description, this section will mention a lot of relevant parts and the use of time, you can learn a lot of small details

(3) If you are familiar with this command, you can view the options, you can see the meaning of each option, more detailed release instructions

(4) Use the See also to inform us that you can also use "info coreutils date" To further access the information

(5) Some of the instructions will also list the relevant file {files section} to provide our reference


To work

Space key

Turn down one page

Page up

Turn down one page

Page down

Turn up one page




? string

Go to the first page

Go to the last page

Search down the string, string is a variable

Search up string


If you are searching for a string, press n to continue with the next search either / or ?


If you search for a string, press N to return to the previous search, either / or ?


Quit, end this man page .


Note that the button above is only          Man page to use


The man page file data is usually stored in the /usr/share/man directory and can be modified by modifying the directory to improve the problem.

Modify /etc/man_db.conf (man.conf/manpath.conf/man.config, etc.)


2.Man parameters

-F: Query more about man-related information

    Example: Man-f man


[Email protected] ~]# man-f Manman (1)-an interface to the              on-line reference Manualsman (1p)             -Display system Documentationman (7)              -Macros to format mans pages

   1 or 7:

1: Indicates file data with man (1)

7: Indicates file data with man (7)

Search By default is a small number to start the search

   -k: Query keyword

Example: Man-k man//query All about man


[Email protected] ~]# man-k manfallocate (2)        -Manipulate file Spacezshall (1)           -the Z Shell Meta-man page. (1)                -Bash built-in commands, see Bash (1): (1)                -Bash built-in commands, see Bash (1) upower (7)           -System-wide Power man agement[(1)                -Bash built-in commands, see Bash (1) abrt-action-save-kernel-data (1)-Creates ureport mandatory files F or kernel Oopses.abrt-watch-log (1)   -Watch log file and Run command when the IT grows or is replacedaccessdb (8)         -du MPs the content of a MAN-DB database in a human readable formataclocal (1)          -manual page for aclocal 1.13.4aclocal-1.1 3 (1)     -manual page for aclocal 1.13.4aconnect (1)         -ALSA Sequencer Connection Manager


Man-f ===> Whatis

Man-k ===> Apropos

These two instructions must be built using the Whatis database, and the database must be created with the root user.

Command: MANDB


linux[Base]-02--man Page

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