Linux/CentOS Shell script non-interactive Password Change

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Linux/CentOS Shell script non-interactive Password Change

Today, when I wrote a shell script, I found that the user's password needs to be set and the password is set to interactive. This is obviously not good in the script, So I went online to search for information, two non-interactive password setting methods are found:

1. Use chpasswd

In fact, chpasswd uses the user to enter the 'user name: password' to change the passwords of a group of users. It is also a tool for changing passwords in batches. For details about the usage, see chpasswd usage.

Format: # echo Username: Password | chpasswd

For example, to add a bkjia account with a password of 123456, run the following command:

# Echo bkjia: 123456 | chpasswd

2. Use passwd and -- stdin combination

Passwd uses the terminal as the standard input by default, and -- stdin indicates that any file can be used as the standard input. The two combinations can directly change the password.

Format: # echo 'Password' | passwd -- stdin User Name

Add a bkjia account with the password 123456. The command is as follows:

# Echo '000000' | passwd -- stdin bkjia

In this way, the password can be changed in non-interactive mode, but export can be used for some embedded linux methods.

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