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1. configure the SERVER address as, mount the image to/mnt, and install tftp, dhcp, and nfs services # rpm & amp; ndash; ivhdhcp-* # rpm & amp; ndash; ivhtftp-* # rpm & amp; ndash; ivhnfs-utilsportmap 3. configure to start dhcp SERVER 1 in dhcpd, and configure the SERVER address as, mount the image to/mnt. 2. install tftp, dhcp, nfs service # rpm-ivh dhcp-* # rpm-ivh tftp-* # rpm-ivh nfs-utils portmap 3, configure to start the dhcp server add the last two lines of filename "pxelinux.0"; Next-server 192 .. 168.0.10; the dhcpd service cannot be started out of braces to copy the Linux kernel file to the/tftpboot Directory, modify the tftp parameters, and start the service. # vi/etc/xinetd. d/tftp: change the selected yes to no to enable tftp to modify/tftpboot/pxelinux, cfg/default. change the time of the third row to a smaller value, and specify ks in row 12th. add ks = nfs: to the position of the cfg file. cfg next install kickstart to generate ks. run system-config-kickstart in the cfg file to start an interface and configure ks as needed. cfg file set root password set installation mode nfs/mnt for the disk image location install mbr add partition select dhcp allocation IP disable firewall and seliunx installation version select gnome graphics environment install x window system   Save ks. create a new/pub folder in the cfg file and run the generated ks. move the cfg file to the/put folder to modify ks. add a key-skip line under the bootloader in the cfg file to skip the installation serial number. do you want to skip the configuration nfs add record by default? start nfs preparation. complete the next step to start installing a new machine, generally, you do not need to select pxe for startup. it is enough to select a network segment with the server.
No action is required throughout the installation process. The installation is completed automatically. reboot and enter the root user name and password to log on successfully.   This article is from the "technical exchange" blog
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