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Linuxmemcached status query how to view the memcache server version:./memcached-hmemcache running status can be conveniently displayed using the stats command. First, connect to memcache using commands such as telnet127.0.0.111211, and then directly enter stats to connect... how to view the memcache server version by querying the memcached status in linux :. the running status of/memcached-h memcache can be conveniently displayed using the stats command. First, connect to memcache using commands such as telnet 11211, and then directly enter stats to get the current memcache status. These statuses are described as follows: pid memcache server process IDuptime server run seconds time server current unix timestamp version memcache version pointer_size pointer size of the current operating system (32-bit systems are generally 32bit) cumulative user time of the rusage_user process the cumulative system time of the rusage_system process the number of items currently stored on the curr_items server total_items total number of items stored after the server is started bytes the number of bytes occupied by items stored on the server curr_connections total number of connections total_connections the number of connections that have been opened since the server was started connection_structures the number of connections allocated by the server pai_get get Command (obtained) total number of requests pai_set set command (save) total number of requests get_hits total number of hits get_misses total number of missed calls evictions the number of items deleted to get idle memory (the space allocated to memcache must be deleted after it is full to get space allocation by deleting the old items to the new items) bytes_read total number of bytes read (number of request bytes) bytes_written total number of sent bytes (number of results bytes) limit_maxbytes memory size (bytes) allocated to memcache threads current number of threads
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