Linux/redhat compiling and installing the GNU gcc 4.9.0 (g++)

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Here is said to compile the installation, Yum/apt-get and other installation methods are relatively simple, do not elaborate!

1. Download the source code package:

2, decompression:

TAR-XJVF gcc-4.9.0.tar.bz2

3 . Download the dependent packages required for compilation:

The simplest way to run directly:


The script itself actively downloads the dependency package GMP, MPFR,MPC. It is also possible to manually download and then move to the/gcc-4.9.0 folder to install it yourself, or to compile the installation yourself first

4. run configure command to generate makefile:

mkdir Build
CD Build
.. /configure--enable-checking=release--enable-languages=c,c++--disable-multilib

First create the build folder and compile it into this folder


4 indicates the number of threads, longer, and faster with multiple threads

6. Installation

Make install


C + + compiler missing or inoperational

g++ Command not found

Checking dependency style of g++ ... none

No usable dependency style found

The above problems are because the system does not have a C + + compiler, 4.8 or 4.9 before the need to have an ISO c++98 compiler, installed a OK, I do not know which can be installed in an earlier version of GCC, such as 4.4.7

The compilation process is recorded in Config.log, and there is a problem to view the file first.

Google is one of the best ways to solve this problem!

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