Linux's next great command-line tool

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Guide Taskwarrior is a simple and straightforward command-line-based TODO tool for Ubuntu/linux. This open source software is one of the simplest command-line-based tools I've ever used. Taskwarrior can help you better organize yourself without having to install bulky new tools--which sometimes loses the purpose of TODO tools.

Taskwarrior is an open source, cross-platform, command-line-based TODO tool that helps you manage your to-do list in the terminal. This tool allows you to easily add tasks, show lists, and remove tasks. And, in your default repository, you don't have to install a new PPA. In Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or similar distributions. Install Taskwarrior in the terminal by following the steps below.

sudo apt-get install task

Simple to use as follows:

$ task Add Read a bookcreated task 1.$ task add priority:h pay the billscreated task 2.

The following is the cool feature-rich interface it runs on.

You can set the priority (H, L, or M). And you can use the ' task ' or ' task Next ' command to view your newly created to-do list. Like what:

$ task NextID Age P Description                      Urg------------------------------------------2 10s H pay the Bills                     6 1 20s
   read a book                       0

After completion, you can use ' Task 1 done ' or ' Task 2 do ' to clear the list. A more comprehensive command and use case can be found here. Again, Taskwarrior is cross-platform, which means that you can find a version that meets your needs anyway. If you need it, there's even an Android version. Wish you have fun!

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Linux's next great command-line tool

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