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[Original] guide for completely downloading cygwin (I)-normal download I chose eclipse, which is just like a day, as the IDE, to learn the Standard C ++, to enable Clipse to support C ++ development, in addition to downloading a CDT plug-in, you must download and install cygwin (or mingw. Unexpectedly, cygwin is not so good for downloading. I have repeatedly downloaded one hundred times in two weeks. I tried countless methods and failed to download it when I downloaded it to 20%, after some painstaking efforts, I finally found out the correct download method and successfully downloaded all the latest cygwin (more than 500 mb in total. All the joys and sorrows that have been experienced during this period have a lingering aftertaste. In order to allow everyone to share my experience and avoid similar detours, I will write my summary of cygwin's download and installation experience for the reference of interested people, it is also a souvenir for yourself.
1. download and run the Installation Wizard File
At the beginning of the download method, understand cygwin people know: Is to: http://www.cygwin.com first install the wizard file setup.exe, this is cygwin official download Installation Wizard file, in addition, you can only use it to correctly download the latest cygwin version (why? ).
After setup.exe is downloaded, double-click it to run it. The Program Installation Wizard interface is shown in:

Click "Next" to continue and select cygwin installation method.

2. Select the Installation Method

As shown in, there are three installation methods:
(1) install from Internet: Download the package directly from the Internet and install it immediately (after the installation is complete, the downloaded package will not be deleted, but will still be retained so that the package can be installed again next time ).
(2) download without installing: Download the installation file to your local computer, but it is not installed yet.
(3) install from local directory: without downloading the installation file, install it directly from a local directory containing the installation file.
We strongly recommend that you select item (2) to manually specify the installation path. Then click "Next".

3. Set the local storage path of the Installation File

Because we chose the direct download installation method, we must specify a local download file storage directory. The remaining space on the drive of the installation directory must be sufficient (at least MB for full download ). After setting, click "Next ".

4. Select the connection method

As shown in, there are three Connection Methods:
(1) Direct Connection: a direct connection.
(2) Use ie5 settings: Use the connection parameter settings of IE to connect.
(3) Use http/FTP Proxy: Use http or FTP Proxy Server for connection (you need to enter the server address and port number ).
You can select based on your network connection. Generally, you can select the first method, that is, direct connection. Then click "Next ".

5. Select a download site

After some searches, the installation wizard lists many available image download sites for selection, including HTTP and FTP. To be honest, I have tried these sites almost all over again, and few of them can impress me. Here I only recommend a site: http://mirrors.kernel.org, fast and stable. You can also decide which site to use for downloading. In addition, several websites with the suffix ". JP" have also been visited, but it is not recommended. Why? Because it is a site in Japan.
Let's get down to the truth. Are you ready? Click "Next". The wizard displays the following information:

Note! This is not a formal download, but the Installation Wizard obtains the compressed installation list file from the download image site. This installation list file is uniformly specified by cygwin and is updated with the release of the new version. The Installation Wizard is used to know what can be downloaded and what cannot be downloaded. The download list contains the MD5 Verification Code of each downloaded file, which is very important.

6. Select the content of the installation package to be downloaded/installed.

After the installation list file is downloaded, the wizard displays the content in the list for you to freely choose which installation packages need to be downloaded. How to choose? You only need to click the circular arrow icon next to each installation package name. The text behind the icon indicates the download/installation method of the installation package, which changes with the clicking, there are several categories:
(1) Default: This is the default option, indicating that only the default installation items for this package will be downloaded/installed (you can click the plus sign on the left of the package to see what the default installation is ).
(2) install: indicates all content of the package to be downloaded/installed. The required space is also the largest.
(3) reinstall: Indicates re-download/installation of the package (the content selected during the previous normal download/installation shall prevail ). This option is very useful and will be described later in the next article.
(4) uninstall: You don't need to explain this.
You can determine what content to download/install based on your actual needs. We recommend that you select the "Install" method in one step to avoid future troubles caused by such problems.
The "keep", "Prev", "curr", and "exp" options at the top of the window are only used to change the display mode of the current tree structure and have no effect on the download/installation. You can use the default "exp ". Click "Next" to start the official download.

7. Download

The download progress window is displayed. You can view the key information such as the name, size, download progress, and overall download progress of the downloaded file. If you select the install method to download all the files, the download takes a long time. At this time, you can sleep or do other things. Wait.

If the user is lucky enough, the download may be successful at one time. Congratulations! However, if you are as unfortunate as you are, for example, the following window pops up:

Or, even worse, like the following:

A file has been downloaded for 98%, and the progress has been 16%. The Wizard is as dead as it is. What's more, once my overall progress reached 99%, the result was stuck there. Even if you waited for the last day and night, the wizard was still motionless (even so silly ).
I think you must jump straight at this time: Why? What's going on? What should I do? Should I try again? But if you try again, will it be successful ?.....

You don't have to worry about it. With countless download attempts, you only need to read the next article: cygwin full download Guide (below)-interrupted download resume, then you can find the answer.

[Original] complete cygwin download Guide (below)-resumable upload

We have encountered a problem in the previous article, that is, if cygwin has not been completely downloaded yet, the wizard will stop working on its own. What should I do? Continue waiting? Again? Download another image site ?... It's not a good solution. It's not safe. The best way is to allow the Wizard program to re-start the download and continue the download in the place where the previous exception was aborted. This is similar to the resumable upload function of FTP.
Can cygwin's Installation Wizard implement this function? Yes! What's more, it's pretty, just... The corresponding settings are really too strange, so it's just a mistake! When I tried it, n times had almost reached the door handle, but I thought: How could this configuration happen? Absolutely no !.... As a result, the blind man continued to explore the dark for a long time before he found the exit. The lessons learned are far more profound than the lessons learned ~~~~ Let's talk about things and get down to the truth.

1. Once this problem occurs during the download process, you cannot waste time waiting because the Installation Wizard has actually been terminated from the site, it's just that it's still there, and it's just trying in vain. The only thing we can do is to click "cancel" to close the wizard! Do not worry about the downloaded installation files. The downloaded files will not disappear and will still be useful.

Close the Wizard program and run it again (you must use the one you used before, instead of the one you used again). Next (for detailed steps, refer to the content of the previous article, note that the local download path must be consistent with the original download path !), Until the following page is displayed:

At this time, do not select other sites! Yes. Select the one you selected during the first download! In addition, the wizard will automatically obtain and locate the image site based on your download logs. Therefore, the only thing you need to do is to click "Next ".

The familiar installation package download and selection page appears again, as shown in.

At this time, the configuration is very critical: Change install after all to reinstall! Haha, is there any idea? Yes! The reinstall method indicates re-installation during installation, but the download continues! At this time, I can't help but scold the cygwin installer maker: why is your program interface not friendly? Now that I have selected "download without installing", you can change install/reinstall to download/continue download in this setting.
Okay, don't you say "reinstall? OK. Click "Next ".

The Wizard program now knows that you want to continue the previous one load/resume, it will download the log file according to the generated, perform an MD5 checksum check (as shown in) for the downloaded files one by one. Make sure that the downloaded files are correct.

You do not need to click "Next". The wizard automatically switches to the download page.

Have you seen it? This download does not start with the-header file, but directly starts with the G-header file. Haha!
Congratulations, you can breathe a sigh of relief: It turns out so!

It should be noted that the overall download progress is slightly different at this time: it is no longer the entire download progress, but the progress of the remaining files to be downloaded. So when you see that it is still 0% at the beginning, you don't have to worry about it. All the files you downloaded are in.

If the Wizard program is on strike again during the resume, you only need to repeat the above steps. This resumable upload method is a bit earthy and weird, you can ensure that your download continues until all the cygwin installation files of over 500 mb are downloaded. Now, this download guide completes the task. As for how to install it, I am not busy here, because there are a lot of articles related to the Internet. You can see for yourself that the installation is actually quite simple.

This cygwin download trial, I further verified my own treasure letter: as long as there is a glimmer of hope, never give up! Do not give up in any case! You may say, silly B. Why don't you download the GCC package or mingw directly? In the same way, eclipse can support C ++ development. But I want to download cygwin is for a reason: because cygwin is Windows platform UNIX simulation environment, our company's current server is built on the HP-UX platform, through cygwin, I can learn Unix-related knowledge directly in the current environment without having to do anything about my current computer. Why?

By the way, please note:

(1) In the local storage path specified by the user, the installation wizard will generate a directory like this: HTTP % 3A % 2f % 2fmirrors.kernel.org % 2fsources.redhat.com % 2 fcygwin, this is the real directory of the downloaded file. Two log files will be generated: setup. log and setup. log. Full. If you are interested in the activity, you can open it and check whether the download mechanism of cygwin is helpful.

(2) If the user's line is not very good, you can choose to download cygwin from PM to am. At that time, there were few people, the connection was stable, and the speed was also guaranteed: during the download process, I achieved a high speed of kb/s, which is already quite fast for connecting to a foreign download site.

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