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The error code list that allows you to easily access the MySQL database MySQL error code list:

1005: An error occurred while creating the table.

1006: database creation failed

1007: The database already exists. An error occurred while creating the database.

1008: The database does not exist. An error occurred while deleting the database.

1009: the database file cannot be deleted, leading to database deletion failure.

1010: failed to delete database because the data directory cannot be deleted

1011: An error occurred while deleting the database file.

1012: records in the system table cannot be read.

1020: The record has been modified by another user

1021: the remaining space on the hard disk is insufficient. Please increase the available space on the hard disk.

1022: duplicate keywords. failed to change the record

1023: An error occurred while disabling the service.

1024: An error occurred while reading the file.

1025: An error occurred while changing the name

1026: File write error

1032: The record does not exist

1036: the data table is read-only and cannot be modified.

1037: the system memory is insufficient. restart the database or restart the server.

1038: the memory used for sorting is insufficient. increase the sorting buffer.

1040: maximum number of connections to the database. increase the number of available connections to the database.

1041: insufficient system memory

1042: invalid host name

1043: invalid connection

1044: the current user is not authorized to access the database

1045: The database cannot be connected. the user name or password is incorrect.

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