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Below are some open source tools of different character:mofscript, a model to text Transformation tool, based on one of The OMG MOF Model to Text transformation submissions. The IBM Model Transformation Framework (MTF) is a EMF based Model transformation Framework, for today available at Alphawo Rks. The ATL Engine is a qvt-based transformation language, developed to the Inria Atlas team. The ATL Engine is currently available as open source under Eclipse GMT. It is developed as a set of Eclipse plugins and works as a development IDE for transformations, with execution, and Debuggi Ng. Currently integrates with EMF and MDR. The ATL Engine would be developed further within the Modelware IP. UMT-(UML Model transformation Tool)-UMT is a open source uml/xmi-based Tool for Model transformation and code genera tion purposes.
MTL Engine-another qvt-like Implementation, by the Inria Triskell team. Uses the MTL language. Integrates with Netbeans MDR and Eclipse EMF. Modfact A MOF Repository and Qvt-like engine from LIP6, Paris. Based on the TRL language. LIP6 are also working on a open source Modelbus implementation, which'll enable MDD tools interoperability. Generative Model Transformer (GMT), an Eclipse project this is Providing/will provide Model transformation for The Eclipse platform. Currently the Fuut-je tool, a code generator tool, is the primary GMT deliverable. (ATL, mentioned above, provides core transformation technology ...) Kent Modelling Framework (KMF), a tool for generation of languages with support for dynamic constraint checking. OPENMDX, an open source MDA environment, which integrates with several tools through XMI and supports code generation RDS several target platforms (Java EE,. Net). Andromda, an open source template-based tool for Java EE code generation from Uml/xmi. Uses VTL (Velocity Template Engine) as scripting language and Netbeans MDR as a model API.
XDoclet, an open source, attributes based code generation tool for Java EE. Not really model-based, but can is combined with generation tools such as UMT to achieve good model-based value.
Middlegen, an open source, database driven code generator based in JSBC, Velocity, Xdoclet and Ant. Omelet is another, new Ly started (May), Eclipse project, is originally part of the GMT project. Now, the IT aims to provide a general framework for plugging in and integrating models, Metamodels ant transformations.

Here are some commercial tools:arcstyler, are a commercial MDA tool from Interactive Objects. It is bundled with MagicDraw Uml-tool, but can also support the other Uml-tools through tool. MCC (Model Component Compiler), a commercial product from Inferdata, supporting generation towards j2ee -Codagen Arch Itect, a commercial product, integrates with several commercial UML tools. Optimalj, a commercial product from Compuware, uses a notation the patterns to achieve PSM transformations. has an integrated UML tool to analysis, but uses a slightly different (notation) for the structural of the Mda-part. Xactium XMF Mosiac, a commercial model-based mapping, generation and Execution Tool suite Sosyinc Modeler and Transformat Ion Engine-the Transformation Engine provides generation of GUI and Server-side, based on models OASIS/UML and rules for Application structure and business rules. Model-in-action, and MDA tool suite from Mia software supporting code generation and model to Model transformation in a flexible framework.

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