List of necessities for production (turn)

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At the beginning of the month when the wife production, discharged after the discharge of those days in the hospital for the list of goods to be produced, hoping to help other Bao mom, Milk Dad.

Bao Ma Supplies
    • Plush Slippers 1 Pair
    • Plastic Slippers 1 Pair
    • Straws (long with elbow) several
    • Postpartum sanitary Napkin 10 (will be used after discharge, it is best to prepare a few more at once)
    • Plush Pyjamas 1 Set
    • Pyjamas 1 Set
    • Postpartum cap 1 x
    • Plush Socks 1 Pair
    • 1 Sets of skincare products
    • Brown sugar, eggs, lard
    • Anti-overflow Cushion 1 pack (may be used)
Milk Daddy Supplies
    • Blanket 1, go
    • Slippers 1 Pair
    • Camping bed/recliner, preferably a camp bed, can sleep flat to be comfortable, after the outing can be used to get
    • Red Bull/pulsation/chocolate/power rack, etc. can quickly replenish the energy of food, Bao Ma production may also be used to get
Baby Supplies
    • Small Towel 3 article
    • 1 cans of milk powder
    • Hold by 2
    • Monk Costume 2 pieces (no trousers)
    • Small Gloves 1 Pair, anti-scratching face, warm (no socks)
    • PP Wet Wipes 1 pack
    • 30 Diapers
    • Bottle 2, drink water/drink milk separately
    • Towels 3 Strips
    • Spoon 2
    • Cutlery Set 2
    • 1 cans of milk
    • 1 cans of cereal for a temporary hunger
    • Small Pot One
    • Rag 2 Strips
    • Toiletries, soap Box
    • 1 boxes of paper drawn
    • Roll Paper 1 Roll
    • Basin One
    • Warm hand Bao One
    • Comb 1
    • Small notebook, pen
    • Some new plastic bags
    • Mobile phone charger
    • Mug One
    • Bao Ma, milk Dad ID Card
    • Baby Allo
    • Previous production inspection data
Other precautions
    • The hospital will notify the current purchase, this should not be prepared separately
    • It is best to start a few days before the date of birth to do a breast massage to help milk, let the baby first time to eat breast milk
    • Bao Ma after childbirth as soon as possible to let the baby to suck breast milk, preferably have at least 10 minutes of time
    • The day of childbirth and the next day, the milk father to do 48 hours stand by, free time to sleep
    • The earlier mentioned can quickly replenish the food to prepare a little more, Bao Ma, milk Dad are very need
    • Bao Ma has to practice the La Metz breathing method, can be a great help during childbirth
    • Milk Dad in the delivery room ready plush slippers, postpartum hats, blankets and other warm supplies, Bao Ma out after the speed of warmth
    • Bao mom as far as possible, recovery faster, the last resort to consider planing
    • Cash 5K, credit card

List of necessities for production (turn)

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