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Microsoft's CIO, Ron, gave a very good speech, but he felt that Microsoft's products did not seem to have any new things this year, and the demonstration effect was average, sometimes the applause is like an embarrassing round of applause during the Spring Festival Gala, but some things still need to be recorded.

In Ron's demonstration, I felt that Microsoft paid special attention to data, and even counted the number of IM messages sent by the company every day, the number of machines in various operating systems. In many cases, I would like to demonstrate how to use the data, it feels more real and effective. In addition, Ron has a lot of body language in his speech, and he feels like he is a man with great experience. He is expected to experience great sweat after speaking.

In the future it maintenance, we mainly consider that the annual IT complexity is increasing and completely automated processes are required to reduce maintenance costs. The reliance on remote technical support needs to be enhanced.

In several demos, I was deeply impressed with the office, because the Vista demonstration was not as good as last year. In that case, it was completed in a week. I don't believe it, it's too fake, in addition, Chen Jingxi's demonstration is not as brilliant as before.

Outlook is more like an office platform. ppt production is more beautiful, and the combination of Excel and Microsoft products is better. But how do you feel that office is really a system, the implementation in the future will be more complex, and there will be more dependencies and associations between different office products. I really don't know whether it is a good thing or a bad thing.

I have never heard of Microsoft Dynamics before, so I will know about it over the past few days.

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