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Thousands of listening to its small and exquisite, simple operation, powerful features, has been rated as "China's top ten excellent Software" one, at present, listening to still ranked among the most popular music player in the forefront. Shinang, although not necessarily not in fact, but the challenge is more and more! For a long time, there has been no major change and innovation, many other music players in the functional and musical resources have been able to match or even more than listening.

However, thousands of listening to this update may be the beginning of its new, 7.0 version and Baidu Music comprehensive integration, will be the music resources of Baidu, cloud synchronization and other functions and seamless docking, in the retention of its own functions at the same time, Chin began to play the role of Baidu Music client.

Added Baidu Cloud Music, Permanent cloud preservation

Today even the browser, anti-virus software has a cloud synchronization function, as an entertainment software, in this respect if the lack of, it will inevitably appear too cold, a respectful distance. Listening to the 7.0 version of integrated Baidu Music box and Baidu Cloud function, support Baidu account login, become a powerful cloud synchronization function of the player.

Along with the expansion of the function, the listening interface also has a corresponding change, such as: The playlist added "cloud Music" group, the song list after the new "cloud Collection" button.

Figure 1千千 Listening 7.0 version interface layout

Listening to the cloud synchronization function is very convenient to use, the first step: After login Baidu, will Baidu Web page of their favorite songs collection to the cloud, in addition, listening to music window of the music resources and Baidu music content of the same, and also support the collection to the cloud, so users can also be in the music window after listening to the collection of music.

Figure 2.1 Save the song to the cloud on the Baidu page

Figure 2.2 Login Listening in the music window to collect music

The second step: the use of Baidu account login thousands of listening;

Figure 3.1 Logging in under Default skin

Figure 3.2 Logging in under other skins

Here should be pointed out that the lack of listening to the default skin and other skin of the login portal is not uniform, which will cause users inconvenient.

Step three: Open the "Cloud Music" list to play your favorite tracks.

As a result of listening to the account number is Baidu account, so the user to listen to thousands of listening to direct access to their own in Baidu Cloud collection of tracks, do not have to manually import data themselves.

Figure 4 playing a collection of music

New downloads can be selected for a variety of quality

Domestic Internet music platform has not stopped the exploration of business model, to advertisers charge is the industry's most mainstream business model, and the user fees are considered a risky attempt, but the QQ music "Green Diamond Mode" of exploration, to the industry has brought a more successful sample profit.

The new version of listening to learn from the experience of QQ music, add more music to download the choice of quality, music resources will be divided into three kinds of quality, of which "ultra-high quality" music resources for the VIP users only download, access to the VIP qualification of the law is to spend 7 yuan a month to buy.

Figure 5 Music downloads a variety of quality options

Other updates

Optimize the contents of the first list and fix some known bugs.

Summary: This update content is not much, but the change is very significant, thousands of listening to get Baidu massive music resources and Baidu music excellent "cloud music" function, has become a powerful Baidu music client.

But there are still some unsatisfactory, such as the number of skin is too small, and are relatively old; The music window interface is not very refreshing, these old problems are still not improved, I hope that the next version of listening to more attention to the software interface optimization.

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