Listing an ASCII table is saved everywhere !, One ascii copy

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Listing an ASCII table is saved everywhere !, One ascii copy

The table is from. Here

Extended code table:

Among the following characters, the smallest ASCII value is () A, Space B, 0 C, A D,

Minimum space
The largest one is.

Common ASCII code size rules: 0 ~ 9 <~ Z <~ Z
1) numbers are smaller than letters. For example, "7" <"F ";
2) The number 0 is smaller than the number 9, and increases sequentially from 0 to 9. For example, "3" <"8 ";
3) the letter A is smaller than the letter Z and increases sequentially from A to Z. For example, "A" <"Z ";
4) uppercase letters of the same letter are 32 less than lowercase letters. For example, "A" <"".
Remember the ASCII size of several common letters: "A" is 65, "a" is 97, and "0" is 48.

Common ASCII codes for keyboards
ESC key VK_ESCAPE (27)
Enter the key: VK_RETURN (13)
TAB key: VK_TAB (9)
Caps Lock key: VK_CAPITAL (20)
Shift key: VK_SHIFT (16)
Ctrl: VK_CONTROL (17)
Alt key: VK_MENU (18)
Space key: VK_SPACE (32)
Backspace key: VK_BACK (8)
Left logo key: VK_LWIN (91)
Right logo key: VK_LWIN (92)
Right-click the shortcut key: VK_APPS (93)
Insert key: VK_INSERT (45)
Home Key: VK_HOME (36)
Page Up: VK_PRIOR (33)
PageDown: VK_NEXT (34)
End key: VK_END (35)
Delete key: VK_DELETE (46)
Direction key (Direction): VK_LEFT (37)
Direction key (Direction): VK_UP (38)
Direction key (→): VK_RIGHT (39)
Direction key (Direction): VK_DOWN (40)
F1 key: VK_F1 (112)
F2 key: VK_F2 (113)
F3 key: VK_F3 (114)
F4 key: VK_F4 (115)
F5 key: VK_F5 (116)
F6 key: VK_F6 (117)
F7 key: VK_F7 (118)
F8: VK_F8 (119)
F9 key: VK_F9 (120)
F10 key: VK_F10 (121)
F11 key: VK_F11 (122)
F12 key: VK_F12 (123)
Num Lock key: VK_NUMLOCK (144)
Keypad 0: VK_NUMPAD0 (48)
Keypad 1: VK_NUMPAD0 (49)
Keypad 2: VK_NUMPAD0 (50)
Keypad 3: VK_NUMPAD0 (51)
Keypad 4: VK_NUMPAD0 (52)
Keypad 5: VK_NUMPAD0 (53)
Keypad 6: VK_NUMPAD0 (54)
Keypad 7: VK_NUMPAD0 (55)
Keypad 8: VK_NUMPAD0 (56)
Keypad 9: VK_NUMPAD0 (57)
Keypad.: VK_DECIMAL (46)
Keypad *: VK_MULTIPLY (42)
Keypad +: VK_ADD (43)
Keypad-: VK_SUBTRACT (45)
Keypad/: VK_DIVIDE (47)
Pause Break Key: VK_PAUSE (19)
Scroll Lock key: VK_SCROLL (145)

Bin Dec Hex Abbreviation/character explanation
00000000 0 00 NUL (null) null Character
00000001 1 01 SOH (start of... the remaining full text>

1-255ascii code in C

The highest bit after 129 is 1, which is considered to be dual-character encoding. Therefore, "% 3c \ n" is considered to be a Unicode character rather than two ASCII characters.
Solution: Change "% 3c \ n" to "% 3c \ n", that is, add a space after c.

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