ListView for multi-select/Radio

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The ListView itself has a single, multi-select mode, which can be set by Listview.setchoicemode:

Listview.setchoicemode (listview.choice_mode_multiple);//Turn on multi-select mode listview.setchoicemode ( Listview.choice_mode_single);//Open Radio mode Listview.setchoicemode (listview.choice_mode_none);//default mode Listview.setchoicemode (Listview.choice_mode_multiple_modal);//not used, do not know what to do
implementing a single selectionRequired settings: Listview.setchoicemode (Listview.choice_mode_single);
the ListView control also needs to specify a selector:android:listselector= "@drawable/checkable_item_selector" [HTML]View Plaincopy
  1. <selector xmlns:android="">
  2. <item android:drawable= "@color/c1" android:state_pressed="true"/>
  3. <item android:drawable= "@color/c1" android:state_checked="true"/>
  4. <item android:drawable="@color/c2"/>
  5. </selector>
but the color of the single-selection is still the system-selected color, not the C1 you set, do not know why?
implement multi-selectsetting: Listview.setchoicemode (Listview.choice_mode_single);
To implement the Checkable interface for each item's view, the following is the LinearLayout implementation checkable interface: [Java]View Plaincopy
  1. Public class Checkablelinearlayout extends LinearLayout implements checkable {
  2. private Boolean mchecked;
  3. Public checkablelinearlayout (context context, AttributeSet attrs) {
  4. Super (context, attrs);
  5. }
  6. @Override
  7. public void Setchecked (boolean checked) {
  8. mchecked = checked;
  9. Setbackgrounddrawable (checked? New Colordrawable (0xff0000a0): null); Blue appears when selected
  10. }
  11. @Override
  12. Public Boolean isChecked () {
  13. return mchecked;
  14. }
  15. @Override
  16. public void Toggle () {
  17. Setchecked (!mchecked);
  18. }
  19. }
Use as follows: [HTML]View Plaincopy
  1. <com.ljfbest.temp.CheckableLinearLayout xmlns:android=" Android "
  2. android:layout_width="match_parent"
  3. android:layout_height="wrap_content">
  4. <TextView
  5. android:id="@+id/tv"
  6. android:layout_width="match_parent"
  7. android:layout_height="wrap_content"
  8. android:gravity="center_vertical"
  9. android:minheight="? Android:attr/listpreferreditemheightsmall"
  10. android:paddingend="? android:attr/listpreferreditempaddingend"
  11. android:paddingstart="? Android:attr/listpreferreditempaddingstart"
  12. android:textappearance="? Android:attr/textappearancelistitemsmall" />
  13. </com.ljfbest.temp.CheckableLinearLayout>
The demo chart is attached below:

Here are a few APIs to get/set the selected entry information:Listview.getcheckeditemcount ();//Gets the selected number of rows: invalid for Choice_mode_nonelistview.getcheckeditemposition ();//Gets the selected row, only valid for radio mode, returns an intlistview.getcheckeditemids ();//Gets the IDs of the selected entries, which is the long[] type, note that adapter Hasstableids () is required to return true, And these IDs are returned by adapter's getitemid (int position). Demo in Demo

listview.setitemchecked (position, value);//Set the state of a line

ListView for multi-select/Radio

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