Liteide adding smart hint code completion to the Go language under Windows

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This article takes Windows 7 64-bit as an example for the environment, GO1.4.2.WINDOWS-AMD64 and LITEIDEX27.2.1.WINDOWS-QT5.

Successfully set up the development environment, found that liteide no code smart hints, this is extremely inconvenient ah ~

On Github nfs/gocode Download Gocode source code, recompile to exe file, overwrite liteide on line.

    • 1, will download the Gocode-master decompression, I put on the C \ The root directory.

After decompression, the content 1 shows:

Figure 1 Nfs/gocode Content

    • 2, run the following command on the Windows command line:
C:\gocode-master>Go build gocode.go autocompletecontext.go autocompletefile.go C
Lient.go config.go cursorcontext.go decl.go declcache.go formatters.go Os_window
S.go package.go ripper.go rpc.go scope.go server.go utils.go

Obviously, the successful execution of the command is based on the successful installation of the Go SDK and the setting of the system PATH environment variable.

After the command is executed successfully, the Gocode.exe file is generated under {your path}\gocode-master.

    • 3. Close the Liteide and overwrite the Gocoede.exe file under Liteide bin.

Now you have added the Smart hints feature for Liteide, as shown in 2. It is estimated that the liteide comes with gocode.exe older reasons.

Figure 2 Liteide adding smart tips to Go

Note: Event logging, the last line shows "Reset Gocode".

In Linux, you just need to change the os_windows.go to Os_posix.go.

In addition, sublime text after the successful installation of the Go plugin smart prompt is also good, 2 shows:

Figure 3 Sublime Text

People who are accustomed to the Linux environment will love it.

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