Little Bee in HTML5 canvas games

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  • Canvas games are basically pixel control, and are an update-> clear-> draw-> wait loop.
  • Use an object-oriented system to manage display units and stages.
  • Use the Event System to separate the game logic. (In particular, you can handle the status of Multiple game objects at the right time, such as bee colony redirection)
  • Use the simplest data structure to represent and manage bee clusters.
  • Keyboard Input Processing and status management. (How to lock each frame, how to make the multi-Key press not conflict, such as opening fire and moving)
  • Visual residual. (Objects in motion, even a point, will become a line)
  • Filter consecutive function calls. (Throttle processing options: 1) Synchronous 2) asynchronous)
  • Make the frame rate variable at runtime. (Use requestanimationframe to improve performance first)
  • How to get a speed unrelated to the frame rate. (The speed of change, associated with time, calculates the time difference between each frame)
  • Use the save, translate, rotate, and restore methods of the canvas as much as possible.
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@ 2011-10-09 the old version is in trial. I rewrote it and saved it on GitHub.

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