Little brother I am a small beginner, the front of a confusion for guidance

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I am a small rookie, in front of a confused seeking guidance.
This year has been a junior, big sophomore major courses have read (the introduction of database system is finished)

This semester just started when decided to summer vacation to a website internship PHP programmer. This semester personally feel more impatient to see the introduction of Linux books, Html,js, and PHP (All are learning basic grammar and some theoretical knowledge, no project development experience)

Is it time to find a framework for further study? Always have to read a lot of books but do not know anything about the feeling ...

There is also as an internship PHP, before the internship should have what knowledge?

Now you might as well take some time to write a small website, which is like a blog. This will make a big improvement in your overall ability. As for the framework, feel the foundation of a solid time to play it, recommended CodeIgniter (simpler point), Zend (a little more complex)
Is it time to find a framework for further study? Always have to read a lot of books but do not know anything about the feeling ...

Only to this sentence feel quite deep, forget to do what is really a bit, seize the opportunity to practice, more when the yard, their goal for the future, their next project, and then use the convenience of the internship, while reading while doing projects, and so your own projects to make, and things are enough to recruit.

Programmers.... Learn it without a head ...
This is not the purpose of your internship ... You're all right after the internship.

You have to worry about first Daoteng a small website, casually Daoteng point anything is ok ....

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