Liu Changle, media man of character

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Liu Changle, media man of character

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Phoenix TV is a media company that I admire for many reasons: on the one hand, Phoenix TV is independent of mainland China, but mainly targets Chinese people in mainland China, you can use the relatively objective standpoint of "Dahua voice circle" to interpret some views on practical things. Representative programs include "one-click discussion" and "real-time discussion". there is also a program that is close to the public taste and enjoys common tastes. Its representative is Lu Yu youzhi. In addition, the last point is Phoenix's Cultural Inheritance and respect, one of the most influential events was that Master Li was able to give three lectures to the Chinese mainland. For example, if you care about this, "how much can you earn by asking Master Li to come to the Chinese mainland? ", I am afraid it is very difficult to really do cultural things in place. Phoenix is not in a rush to make money. Some things seem to have a strong taste of social responsibility and cultural inheritance, but you need to know, when Phoenix makes its platform a mature and meaningful brand, profit is naturally the result of water delivery.
Therefore, Phoenix TV is not only a profitable company, but also a company worthy of respect from Chinese people, it is not the kind of online gaming companies that rely on "deception" for children to get rich.
Therefore, Liu Changle, the boss of Phoenix TV, is naturally not a simple man. This video tells you what the boss LIU Changle did in the years before he started Phoenix. After reading this video, you will understand that Phoenix TV is extraordinary and comes from LIU Changle's extraordinary experience.

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