Liu Chuanzhi: You must know who you are.

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On one occasion, officials of the price Bureau thought that Lenovo's Hanka was too high-priced and that it would be fined 1 million Yuan for profiteering. At that time, Liu Chuanzhi's subordinates burst into anger and claimed to hold a press conference to let the media comment. Liu Chuanzhi angered his subordinates: "What do you want to do ?" "You have to know who you are !". Finally, Liu Chuanzhi calmed down the storm by seeking affection, visiting in private, and asking for dinner. The price Bureau also made concessions and changed to a fine of 0.4 million yuan.

This is a very clever place for Liu Chuanzhi. He knows how to show himself "exactly". He needs to be strong when strong, and be weak when weak, that is, he must understand how to compromise. Yang Yuanqing once said: Liu Chuanzhi has a strong ability to compromise. "If I was the only one in Lenovo, and Liu Chuanzhi knew where to compromise, then Lenovo would not be today ."

Many people think that they "know who they are" and "don't know who they are ". Such a person often does not put others in his eyes. He thinks that he is remarkable, wants to express himself everywhere, dare to say anything, dare to do anything, and dare to do anything, this will inevitably lead to resentment and counterattack from others.

When Liu Chuanzhi decided to transfer sun Hongbin from the Enterprise Department, Sun Hongbin and his subordinates immediately clashed with Liu Chuanzhi, sun Hongbin and his subordinates think that their "persistence" and "appeal" are justified, but the result of the conflict is that sun Hongbin was sentenced to 5 years for "misappropriation of public funds, several of his subordinates were also removed from Lenovo.

Liu Chuanzhi has caused a lot of controversy in dealing with sun Hongbin's issue. Wang Yubin, a management expert, once wrote that Liu Chuanzhi tried to trick the naive sun Hongbin into being hooked up to solve sun Hongbin's problem. On the surface, there is such a "Suspicion", but we cannot simply look at the problem. Liu Chuanzhi once said in the conflict that "I want you to know who Lenovo's boss is ."Sun Hongbin is naive because he does not know who Liu Chuanzhi is !" Liu Chuanzhi's practice lies in knowing who sun Hongbin is ". This is the key to the problem: You can only straighten out others' positions.If you are not correct about your position, you can only be unlucky about yourself, and those who follow you may even harm the interests of the Organization.

There is a very famous story in history that can profoundly explain this truth: When the scholar was born, Zhang was appointed by Song Gaozong as the Sichuan-Shaanxi Xuanfu treatment, the fifth army against Jin Bing. At the pre-war military conference, Zhang Yu proposed to face each other actively. The general Qu Duan believed that Jin Bing was dominated by cavalry in the south, and it was not easy to face-to-face confrontation with Jin Bing on the plain, but he should stick to the city. The two men quarrelled at the military meeting and kept each other apart. Qu Duan quickly said, "If you want to win this battle, give it to you ." Above the lobby, Zhang was so angry that he openly put such contempt for his subordinates. He also replied, "Well, if I want to lose, I will give it to you ." And set up a military order in front of the crowd. As Qu Duan said, the five-way army of more than 40 people led by Zhang Yi was almost wiped out by Jin Bing. However, Zhang did not cut down his head as he said before the war. Instead, he went to jail for the song end and killed the song end by living and suffering.

Sometimes, it is not the "yes" or "no" that he says, but the "Who is he ?". The tragedy of Qu Duan lies in that he does not know who Zhang Yu is ". Instead of trying to influence your boss, how to make up for the boss's "no", but how to prove that the boss's decision is wrong with his "head, this not only hurts myself, but also the country, and even the injustice. How childish and confused this is!

In fact, there are many such things in the workplace. There are too many "self-righteous" people in this world. If you want to establish a foothold and develop in the workplace, remember Liu Chuanzhi's warning: You have to know who you are!To know who you are, you must know who you are. If you do not know who others are, you will never know who you are.

This is the environmental intelligence that a leader should possess: knowing who others are, adjusting himself well, expressing himself in an appropriate manner, and persisting in the process, the access will compromise. We need to know that in the fierce conflicts, we should not only strive for ourselves, but also for others, and strive for a better result for the organization!

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