[Liu Yang Java]_ Reviews 2018 Annual School Recruitment interview summary _java backstage development "reprint"

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The group likes to take a breath of technology and HR face finish together, although physically and mentally more tired (almost one hours each side), but also a good thing, not like some companies on one side and then let go back to the news, such as the interview notice also so that people are very anxious, but also prone to interview time conflict.


1. Compare the differences between LinkedList and ArrayList, respectively, for what scenario

The difference between 2.Synchronized keywords and reentrantlock

3. What thread pools have been used, and what are the parameters of Threadpoolexecutor

4. What is pessimistic lock and optimistic lock, the realization principle of optimistic lock

5. The role of each layer of the OSI seven-layer model in the computer network

6.TCP three-time handshake, four-time handshake, differences between TCP and UDP protocols

7. How to implement the lock on the operating system level, the necessary conditions for deadlock, how to resolve the deadlock

8. How the database index is implemented, the difference between B-tree and + +, and what points are generally considered when building an index

9. How to tell if the SQL query is using the index

What are the 10.MySQL storage engines, and what are the differences?

11. Fair lock and non-fair lock differences

Two sides

What methods are included in the 1.Object class

2. Overriding the Hashcode method but not overriding the Equals method would be a problem

3.HASHMAP implementation principle, what's wrong with the concurrency scenario

The implementation principle of 4.CONCURRENTHASHMAP

5.Redis two ways to persist the difference, how to retire data when it expires

The difference between strong and weak references in 6.Java

7.SpringMVC Full process for processing Web requests

The implementation principle of AOP in 8.Spring

The difference between 9.JDK dynamic agent and Cglib agent

10. How to resolve the conflict between Kazakhstan and Greece

Three sides

1. Describe the project you are most impressed with

2.WEB engineering which places can lead to garbled Chinese, how to solve

Differences between 3.Error and exception, examples of common error and exception, how to deal with Error, exception, respectively

4. Introduce the garbage collection mechanism of the JVM, why the younger generation uses the copy algorithm, the old age uses the tag algorithm

5. Why you need only one Eden and two survivor, how to set the size of the young generation, this ratio is who and who's ratio

6. When the floating-point accuracy is lost, storage 0.1 will not lose precision

7. How Java solves a scenario where high accuracy is required

8. Compare the differences between the Java and C + + languages

9.post, the difference between get requests

10.https and HTTP differences

11. What technology websites do you usually watch and how to learn new technologies

[Liu Yang Java]_ Reviews 2018 Annual School Recruitment interview summary _java backstage development "reprint"

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