Liu's 93rd blog posts and 93rd blog posts

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Liu's 93rd blog posts and 93rd blog posts

I went to a community on campus tonight, mainly talking about the Python django module.

Well, in the evening, let the lecture's deputy department help me start a python project. Now I want to start it myself and I can't remember the command...

It seems that you have to take notes in class.

I wrote some py code, but I didn't know what it meant or what the syntax was. I never learned it.

The deputy department still has homework, but there should be no time to read it during the day. I will go back to the dormitory tomorrow night to have a look.

========= Brutal mysql line ============

I was thinking about coming back at night and taking the time to write another project. As a result, mysql cannot be started, and I don't know why ......

There should be a problem with the Service. Only one startup is displayed, and you cannot click anything.

I suspect that the mysql provided by the teacher is absolutely green and castrated. In less than a week, the problem has occurred several times, and it is enough...

It looks like a green version. Baidu just seems to have missing the data folder. I don't know how to fix it.

But today it's no longer time. It's very late and it's almost.

Don't talk about it. Good night.

Nice dream.

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