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On Friday 8-10, I went back to my hometown in Dongyang.

When I passed Dongyang, I canceled the Agricultural Bank card that I used since high school.


Cousin was good enough. She went back with me and made dinner at her grandmother's house.


The world is difficult. My father was in another place. My grandmother had a serious illness about half a month ago. My uncle and aunt took them to the hospital in time, took care of them, and finally recovered. If my parents are thousands of miles away, they will not be able to take care of them or take care of them. On the one hand, it is very difficult for them to take care of their families, when my grandmother is elderly, she will no longer be away from her hometown, so she will not be so far away. On the other hand, my uncle and aunt are urging me to take care of my grandmother. It's not easy for our parents. We have created such good conditions for our brother and me, so that we can study with peace of mind. Uncles and aunts are nice, but they also have their own lives.


The world is difficult. Many years ago, I still studied in the village or the village next door. There were many kids playing together, and there were many people in the village. At that time, the village's primary school was still there. There were two teachers in the school and a preschool class. Our group of kids have similarly enlightened teachers, Lou. They are very nice, very happy, and will make us play. Our village is very good and there will be no child fights, these must have been influenced by Lou's teacher. He gave us an atmosphere of fighting, unity, and entertainment. Lou's teacher sometimes takes an Erhu and, then I would like to give you a music lesson. It is said that there were times when I went to the village to perform some performances. I also played three kinds of instruments: Erhu, harmonica, and two pieces of wood. Miss Lou has three women, and her youngest daughter is a preschool teacher. Sometimes she sometimes goes to school to let a group of children listen to her singing. Every year, a school in the village calls a teacher to come to our class. When I was in the second grade, I taught my female, surnamed pan. They were really nice and liked it now, she lives in the old school house, and now she thinks the conditions are really bad. There is an old piano in her room, and teacher Pan can play. At that time, I saw the piano for the first time, and I had a few naughty ones. In the third grade, I changed my teacher from other places. I remember that after I took a nap at noon every day, I picked up the story and started to tell us stories. It was so fun to go to school at over three o'clock, it is true that the joy of childhood is unparalleled, thanks to all the experiences in life.

All the children in the country are very familiar with each other and often visit each other's house. At that time, the door in the country room will basically be open during the day, and everyone will be in and out at will, so ah, familiar with adults and the elderly. When I go home again, there are fewer people and fewer young people. Now the most people in the village are grandparents. People like me have gone out to study or started to work, the previous generation of people basically went out to make money, and there were only some old people left. Let's talk about grandma first. My grandfather has been in the world for more than ten years. My grandmother was alone at home. At first, she couldn't help being alone. She had a cat and didn't like it very much, then the kitten became the only comfort for her grandmother. One day later, the kitten was poisoned to death after eating the mouse medicine, and her grandmother suffered a long time. She was so sad that she had never been raised again. Maybe my grandmother was most happy when the Chinese New Year was around, and all her children and grandchildren were back. In the past few years, there have been fewer and fewer people in the village. My grandmother and the elderly in the other two grades are often together. Just like a small group, they usually take care of each other, it seems that they have gradually adapted to the lonely life in the village. Then there was my grandfather, even my grandfather, but not my father-in-law. When I met him this time, he couldn't help talking to me. He said, before (when I was a child ), he is very optimistic and has a very happy life. He is on duty at the village elder care Association. He has some work money, and his wife is also very competent. He is doing a lot of farm work, his children are also stable, and his grandchildren are winding around, very peaceful. But now, my wife has died. Every time I go home, I can only be a person. It's so lonely that my son is in poor health and cannot work. He has to spend a lot of medical expenses every year. He is also in poor health and takes medicine every day, his grandson (my classmates) has been abroad and rarely came back, which makes him feel uncomfortable every day. What's worse, the money he spends at home has been stolen by others, this makes the life of the elderly worse. This incident gave me two ideas: first, there is no worry, there must be close sorrow; second, the passing of a person may not be a blessing, it is more difficult to live alone. What's more important? How can we make our lives better and what will happen when our parents grow old ??!! I decided to work hard to prevent such a sad thing from happening to my parents and friends.


I went back to Hangzhou at noon yesterday. Before I came back, my cousin ran to my grandmother's house and made lunch with me. Then she sent me a meal ~~ Life in the world

In the world of life, is it refining people, is it refining heart ??

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