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Plugin Introduction
    1. After two hours of hard work, I accidentally crashed my browser and vowed to write logs in word first.
    2. Copy the content in the word Editor, that is, the image is the worst, and there is no such thing.
    3. Write content in notepad,CodeImages are processed in one sheet.
    4. Go to the website, enter the user name, enter the password, enter the verification code, enter the verification code, enter the user name or password, and re-enter the password. Enter the verification code, or enter the verification code...
    5. ......

The Windows Live writer editor is compatible with most websites. You can preview all the content to be added to the log before publishing, you can also view the font, spacing, color, and image display effects. This plug-in makes up for the shortcomings that the writer insertion Code cannot be highlighted or folded.


1. Plug-in Installation

Http:// Li = 1f07e880-608e-4d26-b657-a1583de6200a & PL = 8 & bt = 9 download plug-in


2. After livewriter is started, the inserted code block is displayed in the lower right corner.

3. Click the insert Code interface.

3. Example of custom display title

Example of custom display title// This is the test content.Public OverrideDialogresult createcontent (iwin32window dialogowner,Ref StringContent) {content ="Hello plugin";ReturnDialogresult. OK ;}


4. template management: set different code templates for different blog websites. Click the design template management interface to create a template.



Version update

1.1 modify configuration file management

1.2 fixed the UAC bug in win7 and stored the win7 and win2008 configuration files in the user document directory.


Related downloads

Download the installation package

Latest Version: 1.2 download

Microsoft download Li = 1f07e880-608e-4d26-b657-a1583de6200a & PL = 8 & bt = 9

Source codeDownload

Source code download 1.0

Source code download 1.1





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