Lmbench is transplanted on the Development Board and used

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1. Download the source code. Installation Method:


2. Cross-compile lmbench for arm Linux

(1) Modify scripts/OS and add OS = arm-linux (before "echo $ OS)

(2) Modify scripts/compiler and add CC = arm-linux-gcc (before "echo $ CC)

(3) After compilation is successful, all binaries are generated in bin/arm-linux.

3. Run
(1) copy the modified compiled file to the Development Board.

 (2) go to the "scripts" directory ",Run "./config-run" and select test project and Configuration

 (3)Run "./results" to start the test.


Lmbench is a set of micro-benchmarks that can be used to analyze the settings of different operating systems. Benchmarks, including Lmbench, can measure routines of multiple operating systems, such as context conversion, local communication, memory bandwidth, and file operations. Lmbench is easy to use. You only need to know three important commands.

  • Makeresults: When Lmbench is run for the first time, it prompts detailed information about the system configuration and which tests will be executed.

  • Makererun: After the configuration is initialized and the benchmark is run for the first time, you can use the makererun command to repeat the benchmark using the configuration provided by makeresults.

  • Makesee: after running at least three times, you can use the makesee command to view the result. The displayed results can be copied to the tabulation software for subsequent analysis or graphical display.

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