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In the previous article, the old left has been added to the VPS site, and then we need to transfer the program to build a station. We can use the WINSCP tool directly to our corresponding site directory to pass the program, and then add the database to install the Web site. But today I share this method is more advanced SSL remote download program, the advantage is that if we use the CMS program is larger, you can download directly to the VPS, the province we go to FTP biography. Using a command operation can appear as a cow x, and secondly, can save time.

First of all, with Putty landing our VPS, to our Site directory, today I install WordPress to build blog as an example;

Second, enter the remote download program command;

wget Http://cn.wordpress.org/wordpress-3.4.1-zh_CN.zip

I am here to download the English version of the, zip format.

Third, download only need three seconds to solve the problem, if we use FTP transmission estimate better for a while, then is decompression;

Unzip Wordpress-3.4.1-zh_cn.zip

The fourth step, after we unzipped successfully, that is to move the file to the root directory.

CD WordPress
MV *.. /

The above command first into the WordPress unpacked folder to see if the file is in the inside, and then all of the cut to move the first layer of the site root directory.

In this way, we will download the WP program and place the root directory, if familiar with the command, a few seconds to solve the problem, and then we are very simple to add a database. Add the data, install the site, I'll say it next, now there is something, first of all. Go out for a minute.

SSL Install wordpress Blog (add database and install)

Originally installed WordPress Tutorial is in the previous "LNMP series Tutorial three: SSL installation wordpress blog (download Program)" published together, because there are some things delay, so on another. Anyway we have now downloaded, and has MV to the root directory, now as long as the completion of 2 steps, the first is the addition of the database. Here we will manually set on the phpMyAdmin, I'll learn it later, and then use the command to see how to add a database.

The first step, open our phpmyadmin;

This path is our ip+phpmyadmin, because for the sake of security, I recommend that after the installation of LNMP, the address of the database needs to replace the name of the complex, here I just demo, do not modify the name.

The second step, we login to the phpMyAdmin, click on the above "permission", and then click the following interface has a "add new user."

According to the above diagram, the old left has been identified, according to the Add database.

The third step, after the completion of the database, we will return to the domain name we have resolved, and then install WordPress According to the prompts can be solved.

Such a step-by-step can be installed, the back of the old left to guide it. The same is true for other CMS installations.

This way, through four tutorials, we've already made it clear that we can also try to install LNMP and build the site ourselves. In fact, very simple, such as installation, after the establishment of the site will be more convenient.

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